Proactive Ageing
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Expanding Our Horizons


Developing and deploying cutting edge skills,
products and services in emerging markets.

Proactive Ageing provides innovation strategies, frameworks and implementation plans for a variety of ‘early adopter’ organisations enthusiastically examining effective cutting-edge solutions in the Care Economy. We’re experiencing a wave of innovation in next generation healthcare, the adoption of industry 4.0 principles, lifelong learning, human capital development, and workplace productivity.

We aim to generate superior impact in the markets our clients serve. To achieve this, capacity building and self-agency at an individual and organisational level (both public and private) are key empowerment principles in steering a more innovative contribution to the sector and in expanding our client’s influence.

Our World is Evolving

Our world is rapidly evolving. In the Care Economy, converging demands have begun to realign our population health, aged care, disability, social services, technology, and education providers into new multidisciplinary alliances. These pioneers are breaking new ground in co-designing much more productive and ever more highly personalised products and services.