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We are living longer but we can ensure those extra years are as vibrant, productive and purposeful as our youth by Brain Training with Scientifically Proven Brain Exercises and attaining true Brain Fitness.


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Your Aspirations


If your aspiration is to attain and maintain long term peak performance in your life. To be more physically agile, mentally sharp and socially engaged. To be motivated and fit enough to actually start doing all those things that you have always dreamed of doing. Then Proactive Ageing is the place to discover just how you can achieve those goals.    [Learn How To Maintain Peak Performance....]


Sustain Your Peak Performance


After age 30 physical and mental decline are inevitable but much of the rate of that decline is within our control. Recent developments in neuroscience demonstrate that the brain is as adaptable as our physical bodies and that the right training provides tangible and measurable benefits in sharpening our mental capabilities. Brain fitness like physical fitness is achievable by us all. Proactive Ageing will help you understand the science and how to take advantage of recent discoveries to enhance your thinking skills for today and protect your mental capital over the long term.

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The Science


With established networks linked into the leading neuroscientists, universities and government health institutions around the world, Proactive Ageing has accumulated a suite of scientifically validated activities that complementary train both body and mind. We are constantly reviewing the latest evidence based research and incorporate only systematically proven activities into our programs. So you can be confident of their effectiveness.     [Learn about the latest Brain Science ....]


Our Philosophy


To actively work to maintain the health and wellbeing of our citizens in our second half of life. To proactively extend the quality of our lives, maintaining a sense of fulfilment, contribution and belonging.  To do this by enhancing our own personal wellness skills with contemporary health education, fun brain exercises and holistic fitness services. Good health is not a matter of luck, it’s about good preparation. We know that not having a long term financial plan puts our financial security at risk.  How much more important is it then to empower ourselves with a long term health management plan ? Let us help you put your plan in place.  

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Our Programs


Proactive Ageing believes that true personal wellness and long term good health involves three mutually reinforcing capabilities - being physically agile, mentally sharp and socially active. We will teach you how to navigate the wide variety of health claims appearing in the media across all the domains of good health. Then help you tailor a program of enjoyable exercises that are most relevant for your current needs and future lifestyle ambitions. Ensure that every year remains vibrant, productive and purposeful. 

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Proactive Ageing offers the best in Holistic Brain Health, keeping You Physically Active, Mentally Sharp and Socially Engaged. Extending your long term Mind Health with Scientifically Proven Brain Exercises keeping Your Mind in Peak Performance. Helping You to Stay... Mentally Sharp, Physically Agile and Socially Engaged. Start with 3 Quick Tips to Tune Up Your Brain & Help Protect Your Memory
I don't want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the breadth of it as well. AFL Football's Daniel Bell’s Brain Fitness Story on Proactive Ageing's website. More information on sports concussion management, brain rehabilitation  brain science and research, neuroscience and player stress management. There are only two mistakes one can make along the road of life, not going all the way, and not starting.    .... Buddha  500 B.C.LICENCE ..... to Turn Your ASPIRATIONS into EXPERIENCES
Issued by the Authority of Your Heart.
You are in the Driver’s Seat.
Authorised to Thrive.

Tributes to Ageing”


People who have pursued magnificent

“Encore Careers”


Agatha Christie      Writing at Age 84

Noah Webster        Persistence at Age 70

Clara Barton          Caring at Age 62

Gutzon Borglum     Imagination at Age 62

Ben Franklin          Peacemaker at Age 75    

Grandma Moses     Expressing Dreams at Age 76

Michelangelo         Artistic at Age 89


Click on each Picture to View the Video’s

Click on each Picture to View the Video’s