Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Discover What Your Unique Brain Profile looks like. Proactive Ageing offers Personalised Brain Training Programs Tailored Specifically for You.
Learn which Scientifically Proven Brain Exercises would Work Best for You. Proactive Ageing offers Personalised Brain Training Programs Tailored Specifically for Your Needs. The proactive ageing brain fitness program can help you discover what your unique brain profile looks like. Accurately assess 14 of your key cognitive skills in just two 30 minute sessions with the proactive ageing brain fitness program.

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Discover What Mental Strengths You Have



Skills Analysis Workshop


This workshop includes :


 Presentations and Q&A on Brain Health

 Two 20 minute brain profiling sessions

 A report outlining your cognitive profile (e.g. right)

 Comprehensive course notes


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Attaining Peak Performance

Our Brains are not monolithic. The brain has many different cognitive domains each helping to perform a different mental function. Good Brain Training Programs are therefore personally tailored to emphasise your less developed brain skills. This rounds out your overall mental performance at a higher level and gives you a greater range of skills to use in everyday life.


Eight Good Reasons to Train Your Brain


1. Become more comfortable meeting new people and remembering their names and conversations

2. Increase my productivity at work through better focus and ignoring distractions

3. Remember longer shopping lists and phone numbers without notes

4. Become more confident in learning new and unfamiliar things

5. Be able to do more complex mental calculations in my head

6. Better hear conversations in noisy restaurants

7. Protect my mental capital (memory of my life experience)

8. Improve my ability to multi-task


No two people are alike. Each of us has a unique profile of mental skills. We all discover different individual strengths and development needs.