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Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Discover the Benefits of Mental Exercise. Learn what You can do to safeguard Your Brain Health for the Future in a Brain Fitness Gym by Proactive Ageing. Discover How to keep Your Brain in Peak Performance, Extend your long term Mind Health, Safeguard Your Cognitive Reserve and Preserve and Protect Your Mental Capital. Engage in life, enjoy lots of health benefits by preserving your mental capital and cognitive reserve. Proactive Ageing will safeguard your quality of life. Happy multi generational family enjoying the benefits of social engagement and improved Quality of Life from a Proactive Ageing brain fitness program, health management plan and holistic fitness service. Attain peak performance from a Proactive Ageing brain fitness program, which will help protect the physical and mental decline that starts from age 30. Brain Exercises can slow that decline, help with developing successful ageing and self mastery.

Attain Peak Performance


The health factors for successful ageing are well known. Proactive Ageing will help you establish and sustain your own personally tailored program around these factors :

 an active body (maintaining proficiency in mobility and developing a cardiovascular reserve)

 an active brain (maintaining competence in thinking and developing a cognitive reserve)

 an active social life (maintaining competence in relationships & developing a support network of friends)

 good nutrition (maintaining organ effectiveness with low levels of fat and the right balance of vitamins)

 low levels of stress (maintaining an awareness of your anxiety levels and developing the skills to manage them with relaxation techniques and/or motivational anchors)

Our goal is to help you attain long term peak performance in each of the areas that you choose to cultivate. To help you do this we offer a personalised training schedule designed around your specific health and fitness goals. The activities we offer are all drawn from a scientifically validated suite of fitness programs that have been proven to work.

Engage in Life


Proactive Ageing understands the benefits of social engagement, both for the health benefits that positive emotions can have on the body and for the motivational boost that community support brings to pursuing personal goals. Only a small percentage of our population are entirely self sufficient when it comes to initiating and maintaining lifestyle health goals. Most people are intrinsically motivated by the need for social contact with friends and the support of peer relationships to enthusiastically persevere in our goals because our brains are wired to do so. We much prefer to do things together in communities than alone and Proactive Ageing brings people together for this common purpose.

Enjoying positive relationships with family and friends and pursuing social engagements has many health benefits. Being part of a social network has been shown to improve peopleís overall life enjoyment and physical health. Health psychology research has demonstrated that having close friends and a social support network improves your health directly by decreasing stress levels and thereby increasing immune system function. Additional benefits include increased happiness, greater coping and resilience, and greater life satisfaction.

Research into ageing also points strongly to involvement in social activities reducing the effect of normal age related cognitive decline, and the risk of developing dementia. Social and leisure activities increase the opportunities for mental activity and communication. These interactions stimulate the brain at many levels, from sensory processing, language comprehension, reasoning, creative expression and emotional connection.

Protect Your Mental Capital


After age 30 physical and mental declines are inevitable but much of the rate of that decline is within our control. Recent developments in neuroscience demonstrate that the brain is as adaptable as our physical bodies and that the right training provides tangible and measurable benefits in building mental capacity. Mental fitness like physical fitness is achievable by us all.

Our cognitive reserve acts as a savings account for the functionality of our brain if we invest in it. It builds up a resistance to both the normal mental decline we all experience as we age and potentially also protects us against degenerative brain illnesses such as Alzheimerís disease. By actively engaging in lots of novel activities and maintaining our social connections over our lifespan we preserve strong neural networks in our brain and help to protect against dementia. The amount of cognitive reserve we have is adaptable and is influenced by all the experiences we have in our lives. Itís never too late to start adding to this reserve capacity. It reinforces what doctors and researchers have been advising us for years - "use it or lose it". This is an investment we all need to make.

Proactive Ageing will give you the skills to help protect and extend the mental capital you have accumulated through life so that you can maintain your independence and continue to pursue a meaningful life.

Successful Ageing†††


Self mastery was defined as the belief that one's actions and choices determine outcomes in life. ....... Loss of mastery has a negative impact on overall sense of health and well-being. Self mastery and self-rated health have been found to be two of the most accurate predictors of the social concept of "Successful Ageing", a concept defined as high mental and physical functioning and active engagement with life.†† ÖÖ Medical News Today (1 Mar 2009 )

Proactive Ageing assists our society with successful ageing. Through the provision of education and fitness training services our objectives are :†

 To encourage us to make and sustain healthy lifestyle choices.

 To stimulate our own desire for behavioural change in reducing our risk of chronic diseases.

 To help change our focus from fixing illness when it occurs to prevention.

 To help build a strong platform of holistic health, identifying and minimising any weak links.

 To preserve our vibrancy and fitness through continuous improvement.

 To maximise our options for our long term future.

Indeed it is likely that around one quarter of our lives will be spent after age 65. A key part of maintaining our quality of life is to ensure that our core health remains intact. This will help to extend our independence and decrease our long term health costs.† It is insurance for the lifestyle you wish to have. We would all prefer to spend our time and money on our aspirations and not on combating poor health.

Good health is not a matter of luck, itís about good preparation. We know that not having a long term financial plan puts our financial security at risk.† How much more important is it then to have a long term health management plan ? But like financial planning, ideally you should begin preventative health measures decades in advance. Itís never too late to start but those aged 50 should already be actively engaged in delaying age related decline.

Proactive Ageing can help you to enhance your own personal wellness skills with contemporary health education, brain exercises and a holistic fitness service. We can show you how to tailor an age specific fitness strategy that works best for you.††