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Discover How to keep Your Brain in Peak Performance. Proactive Ageing offers the best in Brain Health and Fitness. Ask all your questions of Australia's most Comprehensive Brain Fitness Program.

Free Fact Sheets


You can download an overview on Brain Health and Neuroplasticity from this web-link ....   [Factsheet File]

Alternatively, if you would like a more detailed version of our Brain Health Fact Sheet. It’s also free. Just send an e-mail request to


Our Consultations

We will provide you with an overview of the latest neuroscience that underpins our programs and show you what proven and practical steps you can take to improve many of your key mental skills. Not just one or two, like doing crosswords and sudoku which is not enough to keep your whole brain active.  Since everyone has very different profile of brain skills, discover what a personally tailored brain training program that is directly relevant to you would look like.

Our ongoing Consultations include Presentations and Q&A on many topics, some examples of which include :

· A factual overview of the biology of our brains (in simple to understand language)

· Neuroplasticity – the positive and negative effects as caused by our lifestyles and how we can improve this

· Dementia facts and risk reduction activities that we can all do

· What a personal brain health plan should cover

· How to find and interpret the latest scientific research (beyond the media headlines)

· The leading strategies that the USA & UK Govt Health Institutions are adopting

To make a booking enquiry and schedule a mutually convenient time please e-mail :


Finally, a state-of-the-art fitness service dedicated to maintaining your peak performance in the second half of life.

Discover more about Brain Plasticity and how you can apply these Principles.Come and have your questions answered at the proactive ageing brain fitness program open days or request a Consultation.

Free Presentation


Now Available 

Please Contact Us if you would like a

Free Presentation on “The Science of Brain Plasticity”.

This presentation is free and there is no further obligation on your part. We are happy to provide you with an overview of Brain Plasticity and how to apply it’s principles. This is the Science behind ..... Use “IT” or Lose “IT” ..... and this presentation will cover :

· What is “IT” ?   ..... (the biology of the brain & neuroplasticity)

· How is “IT” being effectively applied ?  ..... (e.g. improving memory)

· What does “IT” mean for me ? ..... (as everybody’s needs differ)

· How do I go about doing “IT” ? ..... (making it practical & effective)


“I had my follow up visit to the Neuropsychologist ...... my memory, concentration and task switching were now not only at an acceptable level, some of the test results were at an elite level” ..... Daniel Bell’s Brain Fitness Story.AFL Football's Daniel Bell’s Brain Fitness Story on Proactive Ageing's website. More information on sports concussion management, brain rehabilitation  brain science and research, neuroscience and player stress management.