Discover the Benefits of Mental Exercise with Australia's most Comprehensive Brain Fitness Program. Learn what You can do to safeguard Your Brain Health for the Future and keep Your Brain in Peak Performance in a Brain Fitness Gym from Proactive Ageing.

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Proactive Ageing provides a comprehensive set of Wellness and Fitness Services to choose from (refer diagram right). Illness assessment and treatment are referred to qualified health professionals.

Proactive Ageing is very excited to offer you, the first of its kind, a one day holistic fitness workshop that truly brings together body, mind and brain. 

Youíll be introduced to some of the latest science, and the new options available to you. The good news is itís accessible, affordable and will make a big difference to the way you function. If youíd like to enhance your self awareness, mental agility and emotional intelligence, this workshop will open the door for you to the future of integrated mental and physical health.