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Steve Zanon, Owner of Proactive Ageing, Australia's most Comprehensive Brain Fitness Program. Our Goal is Prolonging Vibrant Life for our community by incorporating experience in psychotherapy, Positive Psychology, mindfulness meditation, and a professional sports coaching qualification. In building Proactive Ageing, Steve Zanon is giving you all the pieces of the brain fitness puzzle, including information from  the International Society to Advance Alzheimer Research and Treatment, SharpBrains Council, Positive Psychology Institute and the Council of the Aged - COTA. Proactive Ageing is Australia’s first full brain fitness program. A comprehensive health plan which covers all the five pillars of brain health required to build mental peak performance. It includes physical fitness, mental fitness, stress management and nutrition. By incorporating Proactive Ageing‘s services as part of your  healthy lifestyle, Steve Zanon provides you with all the important pieces for comprehensive brain fitness.Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Rectangle: Rounded Corners:

Our Founder, Steve Zanon


In understanding that much of how we age is under our direct control, Steve Zanon formed Proactive Ageing to equip the people in our community with the right skills to build and maintain our daily vitality. My goal is to provide age specific fitness education and training activities focused on our needs for the second half of our lives. In particular, to reinvent the concept of ageing by helping people develop the agency to protect their quality of life - both mentally and physically.


What Motivates Me


The role of being a coach, particularly in helping to motivate people. Helping to identify and develop some of the foundation skills supporting the broader ambitions that people wish to pursue. Assisting to progress these skills towards self sufficiency.


What I Believe In


That all of us are of value to the society in which we live. That this value deserves to be discovered, enacted and enhanced. To know that we all need community support and motivation to help us pursue the things that we desire to undertake. That we all need to feel valued. There is something worth cherishing in what we provide to and receive from the community in which we choose to live.

Why I Am Doing This


For me, Proactive Ageing lies at the intersection of something that is meaningful, joyful and satisfying. Meaningful because it caters to one of the largest evolving needs of our society  –  mental fitness for an ageing population. Joyful in that it gives me an opportunity to express the skills and talents I’ve acquired in life. Satisfying in that it fulfils a personal need to provide a service of sustainable value and to be motivated by watching people discover new skills.

In providing this service I hope to help maintain the capability for others to fulfil the words of Desmond Tutu in their own way when he speaks to the legacy of the ancestors.

“One of the greatest gifts we can give to another generation is our experience, our wisdom”.


My Skills and Talents


Over 20 years experience in consultancy and services industries, including more than 10 years in program development. 15 years of martial arts training progressing to national competition (UK). Australian government professional sports coaching qualification (level 2). Experience in psychotherapy, mindfulness meditation, and independent travel in more than 60 countries. Bachelor of Applied Science. My Professional Resume can be found at  


Proactive Ageing’s Commentary


Steve Zanon’s perspectives on the NIH's State of the Science Conference on Age Related Cognitive Decline has been published on an international market research firm’s website. Read here ..... SharpBrains-Report   


Industry Groups & Memberships :



· Society for Neuroscience (USA)

· SharpBrains Global Industry Council

· Dana Foundation for Brain Research (USA)

· International Brain Based Learning Network

· The Brain Competence Network (UK)

· Mind and Life Research Network (USA)

· International Society to Advance Alzheimer Research and Treatment (ISTAART)

· Alzheimer’s Australia, USA & UK

· Positive Psychology Institute (Aust)

· Council of the Aged - COTA (Aust)