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Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Worried about Your Memory or Dementia? Reduce Your Risk with Effective 'Use It or Lose It' Brain Health Strategies from Proactive Ageing. Preserve and Protect the Mental Capital that You have built up over many Years. Our Mission - A Lifetime of Vibrant Health Our Mission is to help you continue to be both physically successful and mentally successful as you age. Proactive Ageing offers the best in Holistic Brain Health, keeping You Physically Active, Mentally Sharp and Socially Engaged. Extending your long term Mind Health with Scientifically Proven Brain Exercises keeping Your Mind in Peak Performance. Our Natural Biological Peak Performance Occurs Before Age 30. If we let it be that way. Our Mission is to help you remain mentally healthy as you age.


Our Mission


To motivate and assist people
in a mutually supportive community
to want to take a proactive approach
in their own physical, mental & social wellbeing,
so that they continue to pursue fulfilling lives.


Your Quality of Life††


Proactive Ageing provides adult education and training activities that help you develop health skills to prolong your vitality by natural factors, without drugs or surgery. In particular, we are focused on providing a range of scientifically validated activities to strengthen your mental fitness for the second half of life. Like physical fitness, our brainís health is largely under our direct control. Proactive Ageing will better equip our community to not only put more years into our life but also to put more life into our years.†††† [Discover the Health Benefits ....]