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Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Learn which Scientifically Proven Brain Exercises would Work Best for You. Proactive Ageing offers Personalised Brain Training Programs Tailored Specifically for Your Needs.Proactive Ageing will help you with your vibrant future. Discover your best choices and how to proactively manage your own brain health. Only 30% of learning comes from receiving information. The real knowledge comes from how you apply it. Proactive Ageing will help you increase your working memory capacity, improve your emotional regulation, develop divided attention and meta-cognition through mental cross training.

The Experience of Learning


Productive learning involves the chance to apply and cement what you are learning in a supportive environment. Putting it all into perspective and constructing your own meaning. Facts are necessary but inadequate by themselves. Devising your own personal application in what you learn to fulfil your individual needs and goals is what is most important.

Proactive Ageing’s objective is to maximise brain stimulation through an active learning process. This involves cycles of associative learning, continually building on what we already know. Curiosity, moulding personal meaning and developing real world solutions to achieve personal ambitions are where the real benefits lie. Personal knowledge should always be evolving, judged by your own continuous self assessment. This is one of the skills of meta-cognition, that of being a reflective learner.


You are in Control


The goal of Proactive Ageing is to help you become self motivated for your own personal health care and further engagement in life. To own what you learn by identifying and leveraging your own drivers. You are encouraged to be persistently curious about what you are learning, to objectively analyse how it may apply to you, to make your own sense of it, trial new activities for yourself, reappraise and then be curious all over again. If you delight in this then you will be intrinsically motivated to continue. This process of critical enquiry supports the skill of self sufficiency and is a major brain exercise in itself. Your outcome is to be able to continually tailor what you learn to specific fitness strategies that best meet your needs.


Ongoing Results


The cycle of virtuous improvement is about developing an increasing sense of competency. Because change is a lifelong process it should be fun and invigorating. Enjoy the journey and celebrate the many small wins along the way. Focus on one achievable step at a time and continuously improving at your own pace, with your own self assessment. Maintain peer connections to query and test your thinking. Use group motivation to help each other strive together. Proactive Ageing offers you a supportive framework to learn and practice new skills to support your vibrant future.  [Discover the Benefits ....]


Identifying Your Needs


Neuroscience has shown that our brain’s functions are even more extensive than our body’s functions. Our brain constantly manages all of our body’s activities, and on top of that also provides us with the ability to reason and operate in what has become a very complex world. As in physical fitness you have lots of choices, do you strengthen your biceps, stretch your hamstrings, or run a marathon ?

With brain fitness you have even more choices because our brains have many different cognitive domains each helping to perform a different mental function. A few examples, do you increase your working memory capacity, sharpen your ability to focus, develop divided attention, strengthen the fidelity of your senses, or improve your emotional regulation ? Like physical fitness there are many more mental capabilities than those mentioned here. So which ones are more import for you ? 

Whichever domains you choose, some form of mental cross training is likely to be the best option. But how much and of what ? Individual needs will vary. Proactive Ageing will help you make sense of it all, and then assist you in trialling a range of exercises, each focused on developing a specific skill. Our goal is to help you establish your own health strategies to support the ambitions you have for the rest of your life.