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Establish a Mental Advantage & Maintain Cognitive Peak Performance. Discover How we can help you with your Brain Training. Introducing Proactive Aging, Australia's most Comprehensive Brain Fitness Program. Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Proactive ageing is the first and most comprehensive brain fitness program in Australia. Only proactive ageing can provide you with a comprehensive body and brain fitness program that covers all five pillars of brain health required to build mental peak performance. A comprehensive health plan that includes physical fitness, mental fitness, stress management and nutrition.

Comprehensive Perspective


We recognise that fitness is only as good as the weakest link and therefore understand that a holistic perspective is necessary. We strongly question the validity of reductionist strategies that promote the one magic pill, device or exercise. As with physical exercise, baseline wellness is a necessary platform for fitness training. But developing a strong baseline fitness then gives you a platform for being confidently able to go after what you really want to do. The same process applies for building mental performance as it does for building physical capability.

Proactive Ageing offers a comprehensive suite of mental fitness services, covering all five pillars of brain health - physical fitness, brain fitness, stress management, nutrition and social engagement.


Build Peak Performance


Proactive Ageing has a fitness heritage not a clinical background, which means that we are focused on building peak performance rather than curing sickness. Physical and mental illness should rightly be the domain of our professional medical services. But if you are well then Proactive Ageing can help you develop peak performance in the cognitive domains that you choose to cultivate.


Facts not Hype


We are different because we strongly critique the “latest” studies, looking beyond the headline to access not only the quality parameters of the study but how it aligns to the weight of all the evolving medical evidence. We will teach you how to navigate the wide variety of claims appearing in the media, show you where the best sources of information come from and help you tailor a program that best suits your needs.


Get You in Control


Our goal is your self sufficiency. Not only giving you the basic skills but in teaching you to take control of your own health and to continually foster improvements step by step.  [Identifying Your Needs ....]

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