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Refuse to Grow Old


Australia, like most countries in the western world has an ageing population. “This means that the proportion of people aged 65 years or over is projected to increase from 13 per cent in 2010 to 23 per cent by June 2050” (Aust Govt’s Intergenerational Report 2010). But while Australians are ageing, many of them are rightly refusing to grow old. Baby boomers in particular are likely to demand much more from their expected two decades in “retirement” than their parents did. This is changing the demands placed on government and health services, and impacting the fitness, entertainment and finance industries.  Active pre and post retirees should rightly demand that these industries continue to support their needs.

Proactive Ageing was created specifically for those who refuse to retire from life. To help our citizens protect their independence and quality of life in those retirement years. Like financial planning, you should ideally begin preventative health measures decades in advance. It’s never too late to start but those aged 50 should already be actively engaged in delaying age related decline.   

The Health Issues We Face


The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare's Report (June 2010) shows that once we have reached the age of 65 we can expect on average to live another 20 years. That’s almost a quarter of our lives. The report also shows that deaths relating to heart disease, stroke, cancer, respiratory diseases, and fatal injuries have all been decreasing over the past couple of decades but unfortunately dementia, bodyweight and diabetes are increasing. With a proactive health and fitness mindset we can start to take greater control of these issues as well. Early intervention and prevention is the key. 

Maintaining Your Mental Health


People are living longer, and the sad truth is that this means that the prevalence of dementia is increasing.  Access Economics reports that “Dementia is one of the fastest growing sources of major disease burden, overtaking coronary heart disease in its total wellbeing cost by 2023 ..... By 2020 there will be around 75,000 baby boomers with dementia”. The Aust Govt's Aged Care Reform Package "Living Longer. Living Better." (April 2012) also states that "Dementia is predicted to become the leading cause of disability in Australia by 2016. ...... dementia to be added to the existing list of eight National Health Priorities."

The good news is that dementia is not an inevitable consequence of ageing and like our physical health there are a number of things we can do to reduce our risk. Mental fitness like physical fitness is achievable if the right combination of exercises is undertaken. Just like a gym Proactive Ageing provides a range of scientifically validated activities that help to strengthen our mental fitness.