Established in 2009

Proactive Ageing provides innovation strategies, frameworks and implementation plans for a variety of ‘early adopter’ organisations enthusiastically examining the potential for effective cutting-edge solutions in the care economy, next gen health, industry 4.0, lifelong learning, human capital, and workplace productivity.

In line with strong values supporting our most disadvantaged citizens, much of our recent work has been around the emergence of ‘Consumer Directed Care’, a personalised ‘continuum of care’ model, that is now legislated (in Australia) for both disability services (NDIS) and in-home aged care.

‘Consumer Directed Care’ is our entree into ‘Value Based Care’ and Australia’s global care economy differentiator. Getting it right, means that we would gain systemic entrenched leadership across Asia-Pacific for at least the next 2-3 generations.

This new model of social care, whist initially disruptive, will help drive new 21st century population health practices, underpinned by the next generation of assistive technology. ‘Industry 4.0’ business models and technologies will be at its core.

New systems are emerging that focus directly on capacity building and greater economic and social participation for all our citizens with equity at the centre. Rapidly converging demands have begun to align our population health, aged care, disability, social services, technology, and education providers into new multidisciplinary alliances. These pioneers are breaking new ground in co-designing highly personalised and applied solutions from the outset.

Capacity building will be a key principle in escalating empowerment at an individual level and for our corporations, both public and private, in generating superior impact.

We engage in meaningful collaborations that driving substantive benefits. 

Steve Zanon, Company Founder / Director


We help develop organisations and communities that motivate and assist their people to take a more proactive approach in their own mental, physical & social wellbeing. To help build strong economic, civic, and social platforms from which they can engage in more active fulfilling lives.


"I don't want to get to the end of my life and find that I just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the breadth of it as well" .... Diane Ackerman